Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
How Does Google Rank Websites?

If you are offering a service or a product as part of your business, you would certainly want your site to appear on the first Google page. Google determines which sites should appear first, by ranking the relevance of your search keywords and its connection with first page sites. While grading the sites’ relevancy, Google is taking in consideration over 200 different rating factors, using mathematical algorithms with so-called “crawlers” which are set to examine and “read” your web content’s keywords, links, tags, and other optimization factors.The site containing the most relevant information and fulfilling all criteria set by Google is the one that will appear to be best ranked, on the first place of the first page.

What can you do to improve your rank on Google?

Not all factors Google considers to be relevant are known, but if you want to get your ranks improved, you can always hire an SEO professional, who will analyze, test and do a thorough research on how to get the best ranks possible to your site. Great SEO specialist knows what factors are relevant, so if you are considering on investing in your online business, one of the best options would be hiring search engine optimization specialist. Of course Google has strict policy in case of violation, so if someone is paying for links, uses spam hyperlinks or inappropriate keyword density, so besides from scoring positive points due to proper optimization, you can also get a negative score and degrade your search engine status, that goes all over to banning your website if you refuse to play by the rules and decide you would rather take a shortcut and cheat.

What are the relevant Google rank factors?

Google algorithms are set by humans but are less likely to be actually managed by its designers. Mathematical algorithms are made to “read” and inspect website aspects, ranking the site along the way. SEO techniques all professionals agree to be relevant, although Google does not announce its relevancy or renounce it for that matter, are:

  • Proper keywords density and relevant keywords usage
  • Structure of the site: site’s map, pages, and menu
  • Site’s functionality
  • Time that users and visitors are spending on the site
  • Number of links
  • Quality and relevance of inbound links

Although you might fulfill all criteria and follow-up all relevant factors set by Google, there is nothing that can 100% guarantee that your site will be constantly ranked on the first place. The Internet is developing constantly from one day to another, so your competition can rapidly lower your ranking with better content quality. The thing you can do to assure that this won’t happen or just to lower possibilities of scenario where your site’s ranking is falling down dizzily, is to hire SEO specialist who will dedicatedly manage your content and optimize your pages, so you could keep your great ranked spot or climb up higher on Google pages.

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