The Importance of Facebook Pixel in Website Development

Social media has been giving many options to people to expand businesses via web design or digital advertising. The people who are familiar with web design or digital advertisement know that Facebook pixels code are used in web design and digital advertisement these days. Facebook has launched the new version of pixels as Universal Facebook Pixel replacing the old Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience Pixel. This new updated version has a lot of new features which can be really beneficial if we use them in digital advertising and web design. Let’s have a look at its importance:

Website Custom Audience: When you are running Facebook Advertisement, you definitely need pixels as they play an important role to optimize the audience of your ad. When Facebook keeps the record of your audience, it usually builds a custom audience for you, it optimizes the Facebook ads for you and lastly, it keeps the track of conversions. As a result, you can create a custom audience and improve your web design and digital advertising for better business opportunities.

Custom Conversion: Having Facebook pixels on your website, Facebook keeps the record of who visited what and when on the website. So when you enter the URL of a particular product on Facebook, you can have a good look at the purchase of that particular product just as simple.

Standard Events: You can keep the track of your audience by using standard events. An event is an activity of a visitor when he/she visits your website. Facebook has already defined nine standard events which can keep the track of visitor on your website. These are:

  • View content: It’s when someone lands on a specific page of your website.
  • Search: It’s when someone uses the search option to look for a particular item on your website.
  • Add to cart: When someone adds an item to their shopping cart on your website.
  • Add to wishlist: When someone adds an item to the wishlist on your website.
  • Initiate checkout: When someone begins the checkout procedure to purchase something from your website.
  • Add payment information: It’s when someone logs their payment information using the purchase procedure on your website.
  • Make the purchase: When someone finally ends a purchase of an item on your website.
  • Lead: When someone signs up for the trial period or show themselves as a regular customer on your website.
  • Complete registration: When someone completes any kind of registration form on your website.

Conversion Tracking: You need to be sure that your tracking options are in check while tracking conversions. Select the options in standard events according to your tracking needs otherwise if you don’t select anything you will end up empty-handed.

Dynamic Ads: When you have a big website, try web design and digital advertising with dynamic ads option and pixels at the same time. This will help you maintain catalogs in a precise manner.

Conclusion: We suggest people to use Facebook pixels to increase the optimization of your business as if you don’t use your web design and digital advertising; they both will be considered backward in terms of technology and advancement.

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