Website Design Trends in 2017.

Every year usually comes with trends especially in the world of web design and 2017 is not an exception. For businesses and webmasters looking to dominate the internet in 2017 and beyond, below are some trends to look out for.

Facebook and Google as destinations for content

It is not news that social media is dominating the internet and thanks to the easy access to the internet, digital content seems to be the big deal for businesses. Facebook and Google are predicted to be more important for content consumption. This claim was also substantiated by Andre Turrell, director of user experience (UX) at RED Interactive Agency.

“Facebook and Google have links open in their own article formats, Instant Articles, and AMP pages, cementing their place as destinations for content, not just jumping off points,” he argues. “They are setting standards for fast loading speed and minimal UI. In 2017, content sites will work harder to align with these new standards.”

The rise of the diversity designer

2016 was filled with mixed “innovations,” from mishaps with the likes of Snapchat’s racist filters to the amazing inclusiveness of Unicode’s new gendered emojis. It is clear that 2016 was filled with diversity. This claim was reiterated by Benjamin Evans, who is partnering with several designers to create an inclusive framework at Belong. Benjamin has also stated that he hopes 2017 will be a year filled with more inclusivity in the creative and tech industries, with designers being able to empathize more with a greater range of perspectives.

Merging of UX and service design

UX Design and Service Design coming together seem to be a sure thing in 2017. This notion was expressed by Andy Budd where he also stated that the increasing number of digital services and products delivery will create a platform where the two disciplines will merge.

The key to profiting from the web design and the internet, in general, is to follow the trend and device ways of staying ahead of the competition.

The trends mentioned above are just some of the many that businesses can leverage to grow their brand’s awareness. We hope this has been helpful for your website design trend for 2017 and design guidelines.

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